About us

The Eureka Connection was founded in 2004 as a cooperative venture of the three founders: Helen Hasan, Kate Crawford and Alanah Kazlauskas. All are semi-retired academics and consultants in information systems and knowledge management who prefer bottom-up network-centric ways of working to top-down bureaucracies.

The purpose of The Eureka Connection is to put into practice the findings of research conducted by the founders over many years.  We aim to promote innovative application of our  co-created of knowledge for beneficial community human activities using freely available and leading edge technologies.

To pursue its purpose The Eureka Connection runs workshops and projects, produces open-source self-published materials and provides of creative virtual spaces using freely available Internet applications. These are done on a cost recovery basis.

See our  Annual Reports.

The Eureka Connection Annual Report 2014

The Eureka Connection Annual Report 2015

The Eureka Connection Annual Report 2016

Organisation, Management Structure:

Any or all of the founders can plan and run activities aligned with the purpose with appropriate assistance of people from our network of supporters

The founders form the Management Committee:
Director: Prof Helen Hasan
Secretary: Dr Kate Crawford
Treasurer: Dr Alanah Kazlaukas

The Eureka Connection (ABN 60 149 465 198) is registered in NSW as a not-for-profit unincorporated entity, see ASIC Business Record


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