Being Practical With Theory Links to Chapters

Being Practical with Theory: a Window into Business Research: Transforming Human Enterprise through Organisation Responsibility and Innovation. Helen Hasan (ed.). A publication of the THEORI Business Research Group: Faculty of Business, University of Wollongong, Australia. December 2013.

List of contents in page order:

p.09-14 Activity Theory
p.15-19 Actor Network Theory
p.20-24 Action Regulation Theory
p.25-30 Institutional Theory
p.31-32 Human Capital Theory
p.33-43 Theories of Competitive Advantage
p.44-48 Communities of Practice
p.49-54 Complexity Theory
p.55-57 Cynefin Framework
p.58-60 Attribution Theory
p.61-63 Stickiness in Knowledge Theory
p.64-66 Processual Perspective: Studying Change in Organisations
p.67-70 Responsible Leadership for Performance Framework
p.72-79 The 4-L Framework of Family Business Leadership
p.80-86 Strategic Marketing Sustainability: From a Marketing Mix to a Marketing Matrix
p.87-90 Conceptual Model of B2B Online Service Quality
p.91-97 Modes of Knowledge Sharing between Groups
p.98-107 A Green IS Taxonomy
p.108-111 Social Risk in Female Entrepreneurship
p.113-122 Use of Grounded Theory in Research: Knowledge sharing in the Australian Film Industry
p.123 Factors that Influence Responsible Leadership in Singapore: An Exploratory Study
p.124-125 Human Capital Theory: Explaining the Underutilisation of Skilled Immigrants in Australia
p.126-130 Connecting Isolated Senior Citizens: Illustrating the Complexity of Social Information Systems Development
p.131-138 Making Sense of Complex Dynamic Spaces: Addressing the Wicked Problem of Doping in Sport
p.139-143 Expanding Expertise: The Role of a Community in Learning – What is and what is not yet there.
p.145-147 Tracking Environmental Footprint of Business Activities
p.148-150 Applying Principles of Complexity Theory to Practice
p.151-158 The Development of Innovative Local Organisations and Regions
p.159-167 Human Resource Management in Multinational Companies
p.168-170 Theories to Define and Understand Family Firms
p.171-173 Ethics-in-Practice in Collaborative Management Research
p.174-176 Building New Knowledge Frameworks for Productive Organisations


3 thoughts on “Being Practical With Theory Links to Chapters

  1. We would be delighted for you to use these articles for your class as long as they are attributed in any published work. We have published the whole collection at priced very reasonably (ebook and hardcopy) with a view to just such application.
    All the best
    Helen Hasan

  2. This is indeed a very informative collection of articles which I would like to use in my class. Can I have your permission to use some of the articles for my class which is on Trends and issues in Virtual Community. I like to use the introductions on the various theories put up in this book. Thank you.

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