Computer Kiosks

We have 4 years experience setting up computer kiosks and running computer classes for residents in aged care.  You can do it yourself or get us to help.

Getting started: A Computer Kiosk can be set up in the corner of the recreation room or somewhere else convenient. It just needs some desks, power and a few computers. Some residents may have their own.
Getting connected: It is not difficult to set up a wireless Internet connection Better still get the Facility to set up free Wi-Fi—it makes all the difference.
Getting help: Get some volunteers to come once a week to run a few classes. Some of these may be residents themselves.
Most of all it must be fun!


A group of residents at the IRT Sarah Claydon Care Centre at Milton NSW at their weekly Friday afternoon computer class. They help each other with problems and sharing their know-how. Some have their own computers and some are provided as is Internet access.