Ideas and Projects


What we are doing:

Supporting and connecting Isolated senior citizens through online communities
Computer Kiosks and Programs for Seniors
The Seniors’ Wiki

The Eureka Connection is compiling a White Paper from the outcomes of the SInet workshop was held at the University of Wollongong on October 3, 2014 entitled
“Looking Ahead to the next Decade: Responding to a Range of Future Scenarios in Digital Communication and Coordination”

Report from October 3-draft

The Eureka Connection has supported the publication and launch of the compilation:
Being Practical with Theory a publication of THEORI

Activity Theory in the Age of Social Media is a program of online events leading up to a workshop on September 29 in Sydney at the ISCAR2104 conference see for updates

Among the ideas we explore include ways to transform businesses to be more organic and reflect the complexities of the modern world. We are  seek to transform buisness from mechanistic to organic applying  lessons from community and social enterprises.

At a recent workshop “Looking Ahead to the next Decade” we brought together a diverse group of participants under the auspices of the Social Innovation Network at the University of Wollongong. From their responses to a range of future scenarios in digital communication and coordination we are co-creating a white paper soon to be released.

Following the completion of our 2014 project resulting in the publication “Being Practical with Theory” we are now concentrating our efforts on a range of activities to support isolated seniors to engage socially and productively online for more positive ageing. Have a look at our Living Connected project helping senior citizens in the Illawarra and the Shoalhaven to become IT savvy and get connected online at

Working white papers:

Towards a more organic organisation: read our piece about Transforming Business




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