Being Practical with Theory

A Window into Business Research

A publication of THEORI business research
edited by A/Prof Helen Hasan, Director


Transforming Human Enterprise
through Organisation, Responsibility and Innovation

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1 thought on “Being Practical with Theory

  1. Dipping into the chapters in this accessible and stimulating little book I gained new insights into the world of management theories as well as how the THEORI researchers use theory as a framework for investigating, elucidating and perhaps transforming aspects of our everyday world.

    The variety of settings and theories explored by the contributors offers a thought-provoking suite of contexts and situations. It is not often that a single tome offers the opportunity to think about human endeavor in family firms, the Australian film industry, under-utilisation of skilled immigrants, the isolation of senior citizens, sustainable marketing practice, knowledge complexity and stickiness to name a few.

    Theory and the perspectives of the THEORI researchers encourage us to look more deeply at the world around us. As I read ‘Being Practical with Theory’ it became clear that ‘theory’ is no longer ‘systems of rules or principles’ but ‘ways of viewing and contemplating’ and perhaps transforming the activities in which we engage.

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